Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Impediment is the most recent iteration of the CUBO project, made by CUBO members Jenny Donovan, Gaby Torres Olivares, Nina Waisman & Flora Wiegmann

Impediment explores relationships between bodily logics and cultural/political logics provoked by the US/Mexican border. How do these logics play on the experiences of those who cross the border, as well as on those who do not or can not cross?

One of our members, an active writer and artist with US exhibits, collaborators and audiences, is not allowed yet to cross into the US. One member lives in Tijuana and crosses legally and frequently for work in San Diego, one member lives in San Diego and crosses regularly for work and social reasons, and one lives in LA and has only been to the border twice. Yet all of us carry records of the border in our bodies, whether we are conscious of them or not. Impediment is a collaborative, experimental sketch, exploring postures and attitudes mapped onto our bodies by the built and virtual borders.

The CUBO project first began as an assemblage of pallets, a folding, unfolding, re-assembling, occasional cube, disturbed by sound and focused on issues in public culture. In various iterations, it gained urban mobility, interactivity, hosted radio waves and community-created sound content, lost all its materials, found new ones, lost them again. CUBO is in constant transformation.

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