Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Impediment is the most recent iteration of the CUBO project, made by CUBO members Jenny Donovan, Gaby Torres Olivares, Nina Waisman & Flora Wiegmann

Impediment explores relationships between bodily logics and cultural/political logics provoked by the US/Mexican border. How do these logics play on the experiences of those who cross the border, as well as on those who do not or can not cross?

One of our members, an active writer and artist with US exhibits, collaborators and audiences, is not allowed yet to cross into the US. One member lives in Tijuana and crosses legally and frequently for work in San Diego, one member lives in San Diego and crosses regularly for work and social reasons, and one lives in LA and has only been to the border twice. Yet all of us carry records of the border in our bodies, whether we are conscious of them or not. Impediment is a collaborative, experimental sketch, exploring postures and attitudes mapped onto our bodies by the built and virtual borders.

The CUBO project first began as an assemblage of pallets, a folding, unfolding, re-assembling, occasional cube, disturbed by sound and focused on issues in public culture. In various iterations, it gained urban mobility, interactivity, hosted radio waves and community-created sound content, lost all its materials, found new ones, lost them again. CUBO is in constant transformation.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MediaWomb is a collaborative piece made by CUBO: Giacomo Castagnola, Camilo Ontiveros, Nina Waisman and Felipe Zuñiga, with PD programming by Marius S

CUBO: mediawomb is an initial dialog to bring together several questions that concern a small group of artists and cultural producers active in the transborder region:

1. The loss of public space and the decomposition of social networks.
2. The prevalence of media as the space of representation and as an arena of domination, reproduction and distribution of fear, paranoia. Media private-state terrorism.

Strategies, lines of possible action:
A. To experience our detachment face to face. Experience our passive complicity, the reluctance to perceive by ourselves. The hypnotic pleasure that mediated abstractions of reality produce in us. Our blind faith in the abstractions of media propaganda.
B. To increase abstraction to the point of irony, to perceive the distance the representations have from the experience of "real-concrete" space.
C. To share with another body in close proximity the perception of media abstractions.
D. To produce awareness, and from that open the possibility of personal and social transformation.

More project documentation, info online here:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Proyecto Cívico Diálogos e Interrogantes. Sobre la agencia sonora: lecturas excepcionales sobre Agamben

Proyecto CUBO:
Lui Velázquez.

Proyecto CUBO surgió en octubre de 2007 como respuesta a la dinámica colaborativa del espacio Lui Velásquez. CUBO fue concebido como una plataforma para la articulación de diferentes proyectos sonoros y propuestas de video elaboradas por creadores en la región San Diego-Tijuana, principalmente, pero abierta también a productores en otros puntos del globo.

CUBO tiene como principal objetivo la implementación de un intercambio democrático de voces y sonoridades que pretende integrarse a la escena de la producción sonora en la región, pero insistiendo en la necesidad de establecer “vínculos socializadores” con diferentes agentes.

Bajo esta premisa, CUBO se ha vinculado con diferentes grupos para la generación de contenidos que rebasan el mero ámbito musical y que coquetean con estrategias antropológicas o sociológicas. El diálogo y colaboración establecidos con los proyectos como Discos Invisibles, en Tijuana, RADIOACTIVE San Diego y NPR (Neighborhood Public Radio) en San Francisco, apuntan hacia la integración de una red (intermitente, la más de las veces efímera) de proyectos radiofónicos que tienen como agenda activar la agencia civil en los ámbitos de la producción y distribución de contenidos (informativos, de entretenimiento, educación, reflexión, activismo, etc).

Para el PCDI hemos reactivado estas redes de colaboración y pretendemos extenderlas al vincularnos con jóvenes colaboradores de la Universidad de Baja California, para producir una serie de eventos sonoros-radiofónicos que tomen como punto de partida dos reflexiones: por un lado el texto teórico de Giorgio Agamben, Estado de Excepción y/o Homo Saccer, por el otro, la recientemente aprobada, ley de Radio y Televisión.

A partir de la revisión de estos dos textos serán producidos piezas sonoras que se relacionarán con estos, a la vez, que tocarán ámbitos aparentemente lejanos, como los terrenos de la ciencia ficción, lo que nos permitirá activar nuestras propias reflexiones en un campo flexible y abierto a la inventiva. De este modo, la teoría será diferida y activada en otras plataformas para producir un campo dialógico donde diversas conversaciones pueden cohabitar y entretejerse, como texto (texere) sónico, el cual integrará en sus ondas sonoras las voces y las sonoridades de nuestro contexto regional trasfronterizo (Tijuana-San Diego-Los Ángeles)

Friday, December 14, 2007


CUBO will produce sonorous archives in which different voices and public spaces will be documented. The archive will show an ample range of participants and atmospheres which they go from sonorous atmospheres of the city, the voices of the inhabitants, the writing of his poets and writers, to the pop music that are interpreted in the streets, as well as the sonorous productions of collectives and contemporary musicians, all of this, projected-transmitted from the interior of an sculptural structure placed in different places in the public space.


See video of this and other earlier CUBO projects on our channel here:


Initially our interest was to explore the ready-made as a sculptural process, playing with the concept of “affordability”. With this in mind, we explored with the pallets several formal operations: ensambling, folding, unfolding, etc. Finally we stated that CUBO should turn into an object in constant transformation.

For our residency at Lace we want to keep this part of the project open, to continue transforming CUBO, in this case, modifying it into a mobile structure that can invade the street in the realm of the pedestrian.

The stabilized pallets in the first CUBO version now will be open to the option of mobility and change, to explore how the landscapes around the structure can generate new possibilities of formal engagement.


Since we define that CUBO, is not only a sound sculpture/device but also a platform to engage social interaction, we will explore how people and selected groups on the streets can interact with the structure. For doing this, we will modify CUBO with sensors, microphones, speakers, sound players and recorders to generate different options for interaction. Record and broadcast live, reaction to movement, etc.


The CUBO platform had its fist version on the mixed collaboration between sound artists, poets, performance artists, and graphic designers. In this new version of CUBO we want to explore the option of engaging a specific group (the homeless teenagers) to engage with this platform and produce content reflecting on their specific live experience of L.A. streets.
We expect to open a door for the ones who want to explore and use this platform of pirate radio like to empower or magnify their voices through CUBO.

CUBO is a transformable object that articulates experiences in its interior and its exterior. Cube exist thanks to the conjunctional initiative of different creators with the goal of provoking the irruption of different sonorous gradients, incessant voices, ephemeral chronics and ambient episodes in the city.

Unstable, Cube unfolds and loses its defined limits only to replicate the extreme growth from the surroundings to which it tries to echo. Constructed of waste signs of the consumption economy, CUBO is a kamikaze version of its neutral and white predecessor.

CUBO unfolds its aesthetic potential in concrete spaces as much as imaginary; it is drop-down architecture, a sonorous intervention in the noise of the city, a specific-social cartography that projects to the public, between the public, towards the public.


Video of various early CUBO projects is on our channel here:

More recent video can be found linked in the blog posts above.